Tuesday, October 15, 2019

New Sabrina London character art!!!!

Hi all,

Sorry I have been absent from this blog. I'm posting once a month on my author blog and frequently on FB and Instagram. I will return to posting more often here soon.

I'm gathering more art and will write a supplemental Water Kingdom short story in 2020.

Here's a piece of art that was made just last week.  And it is amazing!

Sabrina London (click and see a larger version of the art)
I love anime and I love anime-style art and artists. This guy nailed it. I always give them some creative license with the wings. Granted, in my eyes, and in the book, her wings are multi-color. But I like how he kept to the water theme and made them shimmering light blue.

I'm planning on having him do Moselle next. Maybe in a month or so. I will also have Kevin West do a Moselle piece soon too.

I'd love to have a whole art book filled with different artists. Maybe...

Kevin James Breaux