Monday, April 16, 2018

Book three is coming along! And some hints.

Hi all,

Book three in the series update.

I am around 50% done writing it. I've gone back and made a few changes. I am really loving the story. But I most warn you. It is going to end one story line hard. And set up for another one. Not with all the same characters...

So when will I be done?


I had to take some time off it, to get SOUL BORN ready and in the hands of a new publisher. So I am writing and editing at the same time. Writing this book and editing SB. So it's slower than I wanted. My goal is before Nov. 2018.

Let's see if I can get there.


--We see the Water Kingdom Palace...if you can call it that.
--We meet a Fire Kingdom fairy. We also get some insights to how the kingdoms differ.
--Dunyasha is a major player.
--Joe is back...HB as well.

Had to get this for reference...
Hope you all are enjoying the books. I want to see more reviews. Especially on Amazon!


Kevin James Breaux