Thursday, July 9, 2020

Sabrina and Moselle in Anime style Pinup art!

Hi all!

I really enjoy a good anime. And I admit, I am years behind on watching. But I really appreciate the style of art. And if I could draw better, I wish...I really-really-really wish I could draw like this.

I found an amazing artist on FB. His name is Yugen. Here is his Patreon account:

I commissioned him to do Sabrina and then Moselle in his style. I supplied him details, samples of prior art, and photos of actresses. I wanted him to have some creative elbow room too. Here are his artist interpretations of my characters. AND I LOVE THEM!

Sabrina London
Sabrina London:

Sexy right? I feel, he captured the wings very well; multi-color and made of static electricity. They look great! He also gave Sabrina an interesting emotion, like she is almost shy (hesitant), regardless of being almost nude and displaying her wings.


OMG! He went way above and beyond here, adding in lots of background imagery and the golem and snakes. I really love how much thought he put into this. And you gotta love an artist who provides you with G, PG, and R rated versions of the art. I didn't even request the nude version, but he hooked me up with it. lol.

Yugen really connected with this Moselle. He nailed it. I think this is the best character art for her to date. I love it SO much!

Of course, I love working with him so much, that I want more! So do I have him do some more pinups from the Water Kingdom? YES! I might have him do Dunyasha next.

BUT... I also want a few GI JOE pieces. Man, do I!

Thanks all for visiting. Hope you love the sexy new art. Be sure to visit Yugen's pages.

Kevin James Breaux

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