Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Next set of books? Next series? Love to start them soon....I hope.

 Hi all,

At least once a week, I think about really jumping into the next set of books. I want to start the next series really...really bad. I mean REALLY bad. 

Sadly, I'm working on other projects first. Other things require my attention too. Like my puppy, Jemma, who has been dealing with some health issues this last month. But, I mean who isn't weighted down right now. Stupid pandemic has changed how we do everything. Some things take twice, if not three times the amount of effort now...while other things (like going to the movies to relax) just don't exist anymore. Ug.


This Summer, I saw the release of BLOOD DIVIDED, book two in my Soul War series. The Soul War series is the first series I wrote. Really the first books I wrote. They (mostly) pre-date The Water Kingdom. If you don't know anything about them, they are epic fantasy novels. SOUL BORN is book one, BLOOD DIVIDED is book two. I'm currently editing book three, HEART BOUND for the publisher. 

Recently, I've been putting a lot of effort into getting that series some much-needed attention. Again, sadly, this year, with the pandemic...there is no Authorfest for me to attend and promote my newest release. :(

Yeah, I dream of starting the next set of books after The Water Kingdom. They would be called The Fire Kingdom and would focus on the effects of the first series on the Otherworldly Kingdom and the Human World. 

Maybe I can start the next book in 2021? 

Until then, I am fighting off the urge to get another piece of pin-up character art done. I love seeing how artists realize characters I have created.


Kevin James Breaux

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