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Here's an excerpt from one of the early chapters of ONE SMOKING HOT FAIRY TAIL. It further introduces Sabrina London as well as giving you a glimpse of her friends, Mira and Moselle.

Hope you enjoy! The paperback version, linked above, is still on sale!

Something seemed wrong. Sabrina had always been sensitive to the world around her as well as its minute changes, and her whole body was telling her: something was off.  
Dressed in her pink Agent Provocateur bikini, Sabrina stared down into the buzzing city of Beverly Hills from the balcony of her Rodeo Drive penthouse apartment, twisting her jeweled silver bangle. It had become a habit over the past few years, one that normally surfaced when she was anxious.
The wind fluttered the pages of an old People magazine beside her. Startled out of thought, she listened to the tips of the glossy paper as they struck the white wood of the French bistro table.
That magazine—she would never forget the day it was given to her. One year ago, Sabrina had stood on that very spot—set to end her life. Her wealth, her family, her job—everything was at risk, with the exception of her fame. Fame was like a highway, and one year ago, like it or not, Sabrina was traveling in the fast lane.
     “I swear, Mira, I feel like there’s something big happening out there, you know? Something that requires my attention.”
Mira, her best friend, was treading water in their small, indoor pool. Mira lived to swim, and together the girls did a hundred laps in the thirty-foot indoor pool each day. Though Sabrina credited her tight, athletic form to swimming, Mira did it simply for pure enjoyment. On days the pair were not busy, she would stay in the pool as long as Sabrina would allow it.
A gust of wind whipped Sabrina’s pale blonde hair around her face. A helicopter’s spinning blades thumped louder as it drew near. It had been months since a desperate photographer tried to make a buck off a photo of her in a skimpy bikini, if that were the case today, she would give him exactly what he wanted.
Sabrina placed her hands on the railing of the balcony, spread her legs shoulder-width apart, and bent over slightly at the waist. Chest pushed out, she quickly adjusted the bra’s sailor’s knot detail at the center of her cleavage. She wanted to make sure that if this photo showed up on the tabloids and social-networking sites, it was a damn good one.
Surprisingly, the helicopter passed by, it’s red and white blades a blur of motion as it sped off in the direction of the highway. Fuck me, probably another car accident, she thought while relaxing her stance.
“Isn’t today the day?” Mira called from inside the penthouse.
“Yes, the funds I transferred into your account should be good now. You know what to do.”
“I already found a no-kill animal shelter in Nacogdoches, Texas, that could use the money desperately.”
“Are you sure you don’t want to donate it yourself, Sabrina? The press you would get from it would be incredible.” 
“No, Mira. It has to be completely anonymous, untraceable to me. I seriously don’t want to read on some asshole’s blog that I’m trying to buy back my celebrity.”
Mira nodded; Sabrina knew she understood.
A sudden chord of music from Sabrina’s favorite heavy metal song alerted her to an incoming call. Snatching her cell phone from the table where it sat next to the weathered People magazine, she pressed accept with a quick glance at the unknown caller ID.
     “Sabrina, at your service.”
     “Greetings, Sabrina,” a sultry voice licked at her ear.
     “Moselle!” Sabrina cheered. “I didn’t recognize your number.”
     “I had to change it again, my friend. It has a way of falling into the wrong hands.”
     “I understand.” Sabrina rolled her eyes; she too had been the victim of such annoyances. “What’s up, babe?”
     “Do you recall the texts I sent you last month, telling you my father would be opening a new Club Afterlife? Well, forgive me for not calling sooner, but the red carpet grand opening is this Friday.”
     “Really?” Sabrina bounced with excitement. “When and where?”
     “I will text you all the details.”
“Great. I’m there.”
“Will you be bringing a date?” Moselle inquired.
     “I’m kinda single at the moment, so Mira will be my date for the evening. How about you, sexy? Still eating men alive?”
     “I have found someone special.” Moselle replied. “I will introduce him to you at the club.”
     “Oh, no juicy details?”
“All I will say is that he has beautiful eyes and smells so delicious, my mouth waters at the mere thought of him.”
Sabrina laughed. “I can’t wait to meet him. See you there, babe.”
With the People magazine rolled tightly in her hand, she marched inside to tell Mira the news.
“What’s today’s date?” Mira asked when she saw the rolled up magazine in Sabrina’s hand.
“You know what day it is.”
“Then it’s time you got rid of that stupid thing.” Mira pointed from the water where she bobbed up and down.
“I know.”
Sabrina took one last look at the cover: Sabrina London, People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman.
“Sabrina…” Mira prompted again.
“Yeah, I know.”
Sabrina pictured herself a year ago—weak and disheveled, with wind-scattered hair sticking to her tear-stained makeup. It was the night the video of her freeing the test animals went viral. CNN called it a crime—her father called it unforgivable. 
Sabrina’s heart seized as the painful memory played out further—her mind burned with the hurtful words that filled her ears that night.
The same old, dangerous thoughts echoed in her head as she watched her past self climb the slippery railing and slide her bare feet to the edge. If only the pharmaceutical corporation would have accepted my bribes. If only Cade wouldn’t have filmed us. If only he hadn’t left his camera lying in that fucking parking lot where anyone could find it. It had been a long time since Sabrina considered just how close she was to giving up and jumping.
Cade is gone. Those days are gone. Sabrina couldn’t think about it another second. She swallowed her sorrow and, with all the strength she could muster, pitched the magazine over the balcony, out into the empty sky.
“Done,” she said.
“Done,” Mira repeated. 

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Kevin James Breaux

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