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Sabrina London - the Fairy in One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail

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When I write I always choose a celebrity to base my characters on. It helps me describe the character better in scenes and in many ways breathes life into them. Basically, they become less one dimensional. 

When writing One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail, I envisioned Sabrina London, the main character, as Joanna Krupa... pretty much from the get go. Based 90% on looks. 10% on Joanna being a socialite to some degree.

Sabrina is a young woman who had it all: fame, fortune, beauty... but she got caught up in the lifestyle and fell into addiction and worse. She suffered a very public fall from grace, and when the book begins she is just starting to put her life back together. 

Sabrina is a lot of things: spoiled, bratty, egotistic...but she also cares very deeply.  And through the book you can follow her growth. She has a lot to learn. :)
Sabrina became MUCH less one dimensional when I thought of her as Joanna Krupa. :)

Here is your foul-mouthed fairy princess, Sabrina London.
And both are animal lovers.

Joanna is very beautiful, but for the first time, I actually picked a celeb that was not an actress. And as a movie lover, and a writer who is often described as writing in a "movie style" (and someone who hopes to see one of his books made into a movie), I also started to think, realistically, who would play Sabrina London in a movie adaptation.

One night, I was watching Two Broke Girls while passing some time for another show. That is when I realized that Beth Behrs not only resembles Sabrina in many ways, but can play that kinda spoiled rich-girl who had a fall from grace perfectly. I mean... that is her character on the show.

Perfect actress for Sabrina London?

Has the right look.
 So let me know what you think. When you read One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail do you "cast" the characters too? Or did you follow my lead? Who do you imagine Sabrina as?

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