Thursday, August 18, 2016

More reviews for Kevin James Breaux's ONE SMOKING HOT FIARY TAIL

More 5 star reviews are popping up. You can find a new one at Amazon.

"Oh wow, not your typical fairy story (and I sure like fairy stories and twists on fairies, even more). Add in a mummy (YES!) and a vampire (love) and yeah, humans too, and this is one wild paranormal ride. Strongly recommended for those who want something out of the ordinary in paranormal."-- Amazon Customer 8/16

I am expecting to see a few more reviews show up soon. One from someone who read it and is dying to read the sequel. 

The sequel will be released in early 2017. 

Grab a discounted copy of ONE SMOKING HOT FAIRY TAIL now. 


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Kevin James Breaux

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