Thursday, January 5, 2017

ONE SMOKING HOT FAIRY TAIL Casting the book as a TV show or Movie

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One of the most fun things you can do as an author is cast your book as a TV show or movie. Many authors write their stories with actors already in mind. (updated)

Here are my picks for a ONE SMOKING HOT FAIRY TAIL TV show or movie.

Beth Behrs as Sabrina London
Sabrina London -  Although Joanna Krupa is the living embodiment of Sabrina (and will always be who I see in my head when I think of the character), I would want to cast an established actor.  My first pick would be Beth Behrs from Two Broke Girls. She is pretty and statuesque and funny. AND she pretty much already knows how to play a spoiled rich girl who had a fall from grace. So it makes total sense.

Or maybe Jessica Sipos as Sabrina London
Alternative casting would be Jessica Sipos from SYFY's Ascension and Dark Matter. She totally has the sex appeal needed to play Sabrina. I mean seriously....


Moselle -  After a lot of searching, I realized the perfect woman to play Moselle, Priyanka Chopa, from the TV show Quantico. She would be a great pick for my character. When writing the book, I imagined a Sofia Vergara type. But I think Priyanka is an even better fit now, and could pull off looking like an ancient Egyptian in flashbacks.

Moselle is sexy and smart. She is powerful and knows what she wants. Priyanka plays all those parts well.

Taylor Kitch as Jackson
Jackson - I have only ever imagined him as Taylor Kitch from the Friday Night Lights era. Since Jackson is a jock with shoulder length hair it was a perfect pick.

This is what I think Cade would have looked like - James Dean

Cade played by Ian Sommerhalder

Cade - Wow. Cade... Well, I have a image of him in my head. Slight built. Looks slightly out of time. Like one of those classic Hollywood guys. Like James Dean at his peak. But I need to pick a living actor.... It would be hard not to pick Ian Somerhalder, but he has already done this role. But still, I like him as an actor and he is the right body type and look. So I guess I would pick him.

Teddy Sears as Alexander Kintner

Teddy Sears above and Devon Sawa below. See how similar they look.

Alexander Kintner - He is a middle-aged man who wears nice fashionable clothes and has some wind swept hair. I like him as Devon Sawa. Who, although handsome, has a dangerous look to him. But, I think perhaps the best pick would be Teddy Sears who was just on The Flash and Masters of Sex. He pulls off the fashion and suits well. Has the right build and has played a baddie before.

Supporting Cast:

Yes. Perfect. This is Dunyasha.
Dunyasha - Cade's sire. Olga Kurylenko is the perfect fit. Exactly who I imagined. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.


Thrasher - Tom Hardy could look like Thrasher and play the role very well. He could also play Wolverine and Shia LaBeouf. :)

Mira - I honestly don't know. I'd love to hear some suggestions.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post and some more insight to my creative process.

Thanks all!

Write Makes Might!

Kevin James Breaux

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