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New Action-filled Excerpt for One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail

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Here's another short excerpt. It's from a chapter that is a little ways into the book, so it might be a little spoiler-ish. But I think it's not really anything you don't know from the back cover and other information around.

Check it out. And enjoy.

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          Sabrina straightened her skirt as the automatic flusher roared behind her. She looked down at her feet and kicked a bit of toilet paper away. She hated walking in public bathrooms in her expensive shoes. With a handful of toilet paper, she opened the door and, to her surprise, came eye to eye with the last person she would have expected in the women’s bathroom.
           “We meet again, Sabrina London.” Alexander Kintner’s booming voice filled the entire bathroom.
           Startled, she jumped.
           “What the hell are you doing in here?” Sabrina asked. “You know the little boy’s room is next door, right?”
           “A woman like you—such a prize, and one that does not often fall in a man’s lap, but yet here you are in mine.”
           Kintner stepped closer to Sabrina, digging for something in his pants pocket. When he found it, a smile stretched across his face from ear to ear.
           “All these months spent searching for more fairy-kind, hunting them in Alaska, France, Canada…”
           Sabrina gasped. No human should know what he did; it was forbidden. But that was only the start of her problems. Disbelief washed over her as she watched the man produce a shiny knife from his pocket.
           “Come here!”
           Kintner lunged forward, seizing her by the arm so he could spin her around. Stumbling over her heels, Sabrina was powerless to get away from him, and when the cold metal of his blade brushed against the bare skin of her lower back, she froze.
“All this time I knew about you. I mean, it’s virtually impossible to not know of Sabrina London and her many sides: the socialite, the famous model”—Kintner drew a deep breath—“and my personal favorite, the substance abusing whore.”
           He shoved her hard, and Sabrina fell forward into the countertop between two of the bathroom’s three sinks. Kintner moved quick and pinned her in place with his hips. The air vanished from her lungs, and her chest felt hollow. Sabrina tried to free herself, but the fight in her was not enough. Back and forth, she teetered on a snapped heel, unable to get good enough footing to even attempt an escape.
“Get the fuck off me!” Sabrina screamed the moment she caught her breath. “Mira! Help!”
Kintner chuckled and slid his hand up the back of her tank top. When he reached her shoulders, he pressed heavily with his palm until her chest was pushed firmly against the cold, stone counter.
“Let’s see those wings!”
With one swipe of his razor-sharp blade, her top was cleaved in two, and her tattoo fully revealed. Kintner gasped at the splendor of Sabrina’s skin art.
“Magnificent.” He ran the back of a hand across the multicolored flesh.
“You haven’t seen anything yet, you bastard!”
Sabrina released them, rapidly—and fully into his face. The flash of vibrant light knocked him off balance, freeing Sabrina. With a flutter of her butterfly-shaped wings, Sabrina lifted herself several inches from the ground and pivoted to face her assailant.
           “You like that? That’s nothing! I can make these puppies glow so bright, your fucking eyes will sizzle!”
           Alexander Kintner was fast—faster than Sabrina would have imagined. The small knife in his hand scored her tanned stomach, leaving a line of blood in its wake. She dropped to the floor in shock—the heel of her other shoe snapping under her weight. Bent over at the waist, Sabrina grabbed her stomach, her fingers reading the depth of the laceration.
           “Asshole, you cut me!” she spit.
           In response, Kintner backhanded her. The impact of his knuckles knocked her backward and spun her, so she was once again facing the countertop. As the room swayed back and forth, Sabrina glanced up at the mirror, seeing the glow from her wings sparkle off his blade like fireworks on the Fourth of July.
“I was only going to sever your wings, but now I’m going to cut your throat too!”
“Back away from her!” Mira shouted as she entered the bathroom.
“What the hell are you going to do to stop me?” Kintner yelled back.
“This!” Sabrina screamed as she waved her hands in front of the sink sensors.
The stream of water from each spigot grew larger and stronger as Mira raised her hands, palm up. In no time, the water was flooding the sinks, and it was then that Mira redirected it at him. When the two streams, now twisting together like a waterspout, struck the man, they intensified again, this time building to the force of water released from a fire hose. Facing Kintner, arms out, Mira controlled the steady blast until it knocked him off his feet and through the door of one of the bathroom stalls.
Sabrina pushed herself off the counter gingerly. Her cheek tingled with the pain of Kintner’s strike, yet that discomfort was no match for the anger she held in her fluttering chest.
“Fuck you!” she screamed at Kintner, who laid crumpled in a pile beside the toilet, knocked unconscious by the force of Mira’s attack.
As Sabrina stumbled toward Mira, her eyes overflowed with tears.
“Let’s get out of here, Sabrina.” Mira took her friend in a tight hug. “Let’s go home.”


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