Friday, June 9, 2017


Hi all,

I am happy to announce my newest release, TWO POLLUTED BLACK-HEART ROMANCES. This is book two in the Water Kingdom Series, so it is the sequel to One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail.  This book is a massive 434 pages long! That is 120+ pages longer than book one! :)

It introduces some new, fun characters. I think you will really like them.


Welcome to Los Angeles—but not the LA you know. Here, humans coexist with vampires, mummies, fairies, and other nonhuman entities. Everyone’s just trying to get by for the most part—but some are having more difficulty than others.

A vampire named Cade, a fairy named Sabrina, and a mummy named Moselle are on the lam after exposing the existence of the Otherworldly Assembly, a shadowy organization of paranormal beings. The assembly has sent terrifying assassins called wraiths to exact revenge. The nonhuman trio is in for a real horror show, and they don’t know the half of it—another threat looms, and its destructive ambitions are vast.

Meanwhile, a human named Jackson is recovering from a near-death experience. Old memories and new loves flood his brain, and he’s having trouble finding an outlet for all these feelings—that’s when Sabrina the fairy catches his eye.

Two Polluted Black-Heart Romances, a fast-paced adventure filled with high stakes and unexpected twists, continues the action-packed saga that began with One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail. When unimaginable dangers threaten the planet they all share, humans and nonhumans find a common cause and must work together to prevent disaster.

Back Cover:

The ancient shaman Alexander has finally been defeated. His plot to control minds has been thwarted. The world breathes a sigh of relief.

However, there is no respite for Sabrina, Cade, and Moselle—a fairy, vampire, and mummy who are in deep trouble after exposing the shadowy Otherworldly Assembly. As they try to evade the dark organization’s assassins by hiding in the shadier corners of Los Angeles, they discover a deeper, more immediate threat to themselves and the world at large. Meanwhile, a human named Jackson struggles to remember his past and decode his complicated emotions after a near-death experience.

Two Polluted Black-Heart Romances builds on the tantalizing paranormal fantasy One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail, expanding the scope and raising the stakes. Filled with danger, humor, and a dash of romance, this story is a fantasy in every sense of the word.

 I will do another post later that talks about the cover art and the journey I took finding a new artist and all. Right now the book is hitting the stores. You can get it in paperback. The kindle version is coming. Probably in 7-10 days.

If you want to order the paperback at Amazon here is the link:

Paperback at Barnes and Nobles (currently on sale) is here:

I hope you all enjoy it.

Write Makes Might!

Kevin James Breaux

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