Friday, February 8, 2019

All three books in The Water Kingdom are out in Paperback and Kindle!

Hi all,

I know, I am like a week or so late...I was busy promoting and doing book blog tours. Craziness. Even was knocked down, on my birthday two weeks ago, with some weird flu/cold/sinus thing. Yuck!

But here it is. The announcement (if you haven't seen it already on FB, Instagram, or Twitter...or one of the many blogs promoting it)

All three books are out!!!

Now you can follow Sabrina London, the spoiled rotten, foul-mouthed fairy princess, on a journey from start until finish. Experience the tail of the Water Kingdom right alongside of her.

ONE SMOKING HOT FAIRY TAIL - This is a tale of a foul-mouthed, fairy princess after a fall from grace.  She had it all: fame, fortune, beauty… and now she is being hunted for her wings.

TWO POLLUTED BLACK-HEART ROMANCES - A fairy, a mummy, and a vampire have angered the Otherworldly Assembly. Now, they must escape the deadly wraiths sent to kill them—and that’s just the beginning.

THREE BURNING RED RUNAWAY BRIDES - Sabrina is back and has spun a complex web of lies and deception—unaware that everyone she allies with has their own plans.

While the story of the Water Kingdom is finished in these three books, the epic of the larger world has just begun. Three more books will follow, telling the stories of the Fire, Air, and Earth Kingdoms and how they are effected by the aftermath of the Water Kingdom series.

I may even write a solo Moselle backstory novel. :)

Thanks for the support. And please post reviews. Press kits available at my website.

Thanks all.

Kevin James Breaux

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

New Art! A Pin-up of Natalia from the Water Kingdom Series

Hi all,

You know by now I really enjoy seeing my characters brought to life via pen(pencil) and paper. Here is a new piece by Luiz Prado Arts.

Natalia - art by Luiz Prado

This is Natalia. She is featured in books 2 and 3 of the Water Kingdom - TWO POLLUTED BLACK-HEART ROMANCES and THREE BURNING RED RUNAWAY BRIDES.

Natalia is a vampire from the same clan Cade is from, but she is older and much more dangerous. When she is introduced she is already on the prowl...  :)

Natalia was a Russian Ballerina when turned in the early 1900s while she was the lead in a production of Swan Lake.

As you can see, she is still wearing one of her dresses. If you would like to know more about Natalia start reading ONE SMOKING HOT FAIRY TAIL and when you ready TWO POLLUTED BLACK-HEART ROMANCES you will be very intrigued. She is a very busy vampire...with a lot to do.

Thanks all!

Write Makes Might!

 Kevin James Breaux