Thursday, February 6, 2020

The Water Kingdom Series wins a big award!

Hi all,

In January, I was nominated for two awards by the Paranormal Romance Guild.
THREE BURNING READ RUNAWAY BRIDES was nominated for Best Novel and The Water Kingdom itself was nominated for Best Series.

After a few weeks, the voting was done, and I was alerted that I won a big award.  

The Water Kingdom Series won 2nd Place in the Best Series Category.


This is a huge accomplishment. Granted, ONE SMOKING HOT FAIRY TAIL was nominated years back, and won First Place Best Novel...and TWO POLLUTED BLACK-HEART ROMANCES was nominated and won Second Place Best Novel. But I had not won an award for the series yet, and that was something I really wanted to be acknowledged for.

I put my heart and soul into these books and I get a lot of praise for them, but not many reviews are written and recorded on Amazon or Goodreads. Reviews are crucial. So winning an award here and there at least provides feedback that the fans and readers greatly appreciate my work.

I was asked this week if I would be writing any more to this series. Yes, I attend to start a new series that will take place during and right after the Water Kingdom. I will start in 2021. I would like to write a free supplemental story in the meantime.

Thanks again to everyone who supported and voted for me. I really love you all.

Kevin James Breaux

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